WLDside Studios Pricing & Packages
Typical costs: (Videography)
A basic package, which is best for couples who just want to be able to watch the wedding ceremony in the future, costs between $400-$500. Basic packages will typically include dual-camera coverage of the wedding ceremony only, roughly 60 to 90 minutes, with appropriate lighting, and a minimum of one edited video, with or without music.

An enhanced package will run from $600-$1,200 for coverage of the ceremony and reception all the way until the bride and groom depart. This includes drone aerial footage, a full featured Blu-Ray disc with custom menus and scene selection, digital download of the entire video, professional cinematic editing comparable to a Hollywood film, and a digital lower resolution version that's better for sharing on social media. The Enhanced Package covers the entire wedding day: pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception. 

Deluxe packages, for couples who want their wedding video to be viewed like a professional movie or documentary on DVD, with interviews and special effects will likely opt for a premium package, generally run $1,250-$2,500. This includes rehearsal footage, pre-wedding footage, a custom written video narrative, and the entire wedding day from start to finish. Also includes Drone aerial footage. Deluxe packages include three cameras at the ceremony, one or two cameras at the reception, unlimited wedding day coverage, lighting, and three copies of the edited DVD or Blu Ray with music, titles and on-screen menus with video edited together thematically to tell a custom-written wedding day story. This package is overkill for most but offered for the couples that have to have it all.

Additional Options: (Videography)

I offer the option of an additional camera for the ceremony, in a locked-down location. At a flat-rate cost of $100- this can be a cost-effective alternative to a second videographer. A second videographer costs between $75 and $125 per hour.

Rush editing typically costs between $50 and $195, depending on the wedding length, with the video availability being guaranteed the following week.

Extra copies of DVDs or Blu Ray Discs run between $10 and $20 depending on the Disc art and menu system selected.

Photo montages, which involve transferring pictures to video, will either be charged per picture (at an average of $2 each) or at a flat rate of $150 if more than 75 photos are selected.

If not included in a package, interviews (with family, friends, etc.) will range from $100 - $500, depending on how many you request and the length of the interview.

Drone footage (HOT seller) may be added on to any package or requested solely for a flat fee of $250. This includes editing and an accompanying DVD/Blu Ray. All video shot in 1080p or 4K at clients request. All package prices include digital download.

Note: Depending on wedding day length, expect the primary wedding reel to be between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours long. All footage is professionally edited to give a cinematic Hollywood-style feel that is very polished.

Typical Costs: (Photography)
A basic package includes photos of the wedding ceremony as well as key moments afterward for up to 1 hour. Photos are digitally edited delivered via digital download. Flat fee of $450. (Ceremony + 1 hour afterward- not 1 hour total)

A plus package includes photos before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and after the ceremony for up to 4 hours. Drone aerial photographs are included as well as complete editing and all photos on digital media. Flat fee of $600. (Ceremony + 4 hours, not 4 hours total)

A complete package includes photographs all day- before the wedding and after until the bride and groom leave the venue. Creative shots are created, all photos are edited, a photo wedding book is printed with varying photo sizes. Includes aerial drone photography, digital download of wedding photos, a DVD/Blu Ray or thumb drive with photo slideshow & originals, and near-unlimited photography time the day of the wedding. Cost ranges from $900 - $2600 depending on complexity of photo book and materials selected. 

Portrait Shoots for individuals or entire family groups are offered for $125 plus prints. Print pricing depends on print sizes and total number of prints ordered. Duration of shoot ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. Typical edited photo count is 20-40.

Engagement Shoots and Bridal Shoots are available for $200 plus prints. Print pricing depends on print sizes and total number of prints ordered. Duration of shoot ranges from 1 to 3 hours. Typical edited photo count is 40-60.

Event Shoots are available for $250 plus prints. Print pricing depends on print sizes and total number of prints ordered. Duration of shoot is dependant on the event. Typical edited photo count varies by event duration.

Additional Options: (Photography)
Drone photography (HOT seller) may be added on to basic package for $150 or requested solely for a flat fee of $200.

Prints can be ordered via a high quality 22000 DPI photo printer. Cost is dependent on the number of photos printed and the requested sizes. Varies client-to-client.

Rush editing typically costs between $50 and $195, depending on the number of photos, with the photo availability being guaranteed the following week.

Note: On a typical full-day wedding shoot, expect around 650 photos to be taken with around 300 "keepers" being meticulously edited for a timeless look with artistic flair.

Typical Costs: Printing
I offer a full range of printing services from custom bound photography books to large wall prints on a variety of paper stock virtually any size up to 17x22. I also offer prints on glass just about any size. Prints are printed via a professional Canon photo printer that prints at 22,000 DPI (Dots Per Inch) - as a point of reference, most photo labs print at 12,000 DPI. These prints are *very* high quality. Custom frames can also be ordered for your prints, with prices varying based on size, material, and how quickly you need them.

Depending on the number of photos in your order, pricing per photo varies. All pricing and packages are with your choice of paper, I don't charge more for a particular paper stock. If single prints are ordered, the following pricing applies:

17x22 - $45
13x19 - $38
8.5x11 - $30
8x10 - $24
5x7 - $15 per 2
Custom sizes can be ordered, the above are the most common.
All glass prints priced individually at time of purchase, please allow 1-2 weeks lead time for glass prints, as I order glass when prints are ordered.

*NOTE* Above photo print pricing includes digital touch ups and color calibration for my printer, all done by hand (no automated presets). The prints are guaranteed to cover 100% of Adobe RGB and SRBG range, meaning all colors will be perfectly true to life. If your order includes many photo prints, they will be cheaper than the prices above. Above pricing is for individual photos, not packages. Print pricing is cheaper if images are from a purchased shoot package listed above and will be quoted at the time of booking. If interested in glass prints, ask to see my glass print pricing sheet at the time of booking or ordering.

Photo Package Pricing:
Buy 5 prints of a given size and get $6 off all prints that size and lower. Example: Buy 5 17x22 prints and all prints beyond those 5 of that size and smaller are 6$ off each. So 17x22 prints beyond those first 5 are $6 cheaper each as well as 16x19, 8.5x11, 8x10, 5x7, etc. Example 2: If you were to buy 5 8.5x11 prints, then all 8.5x11 prints beyond those first 5 would be $6 cheaper each as well as all 8x10, 5x7, 4x6, etc, but any sizes above 8.5x11 (16x19, 17x22, etc) would remain full price.

Picture packages come with watermarked digital copies of photos at full resolution; however, if you buy $200 in prints or more, you get digital copies of all photos at full resolution without any watermarking that you're free to reprint at a future date. All photos in packages are digitally tuned, touched up, and color calibrated by hand- not by using presets. This takes much longer but looks much better.

I accept all major debit and credit cards. Square Register charges me a 2.5% fee to process card payments, so that is added onto any package that is selected. A 40% deposit must be made at the time of booking to reserve your slot on my calendar- the remaining 60% can be paid the day of the event.

Personal checks are accepted; however, when paying with a personal check, the total price of my services must be paid in full at least 10 days before the event to give the check time to clear. No exceptions. 40% reservation payment at the time of booking is still required.

Cash is always fine - aside from the 20% booking payment, cash payment the day of the event is perfectly OK.